Volume 39, Número 2

Lung with proliferation of spindle cells in the subpleural region associated with smooth muscle hypertrophy and reactive mesothelial cells in a cat with pulmonary fibrosis. HE, bar = 130��m. (Cony et al., p. 138)
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Complete issue for download, 39(2):93-162  
Ocurrence and risk factors associated with Mycoplasma agalactiae infection in dairy goat herds of Paraíba State, Brazil, 39(2):93-98  
Characterization of ruminal acidosis and initial phase of laminitis inducted by oligofructose in crossbred calves, 39(2):99-106  
Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of historical and recent Brazilian pig isolates of Pasteurella multocida, 39(2):107-111  
Efficacy of virginiamycin for the control of periodontal disease in calves, 39(2):112-122  
Spontaneous poisoning by Ricinus communis leaves (Euphorbiaceae) in goats, 39(2):123-128  
Seroepidemiological study of feline coronavirus (FCoV) infection in domiciled cats from Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil, 39(2):129-133  
Clinical and pathological aspects of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in cats, 39(2):134-141  
Sedative and electrocardiographic effects of low dose dexmedetomidine in healthy cats, 39(2):142-147  
Risk of exposure of farms and subsistence nurseries to contact with wild boar in southern Mato Grosso do Sul, 39(2):148-154  
Response of vital functions, Apgar and cortisol in the prognosis of vigor against neonatal factors of lambs, 39(2):155-162  
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