Dear Author, in order to shorten the time most possible of the evaluation of your article, act in accordance with the steps for submission as shown below:

Article Model ( ):

I accessed the model and do not have any doubt about the submission of the article in the style of the journal.

Instructions to Authors ( ):

I read the instructions and prepared my article strictly within the style of the journal, according to the model shown above (layout of the journal).


I paid special attention to the list of references and their citation in the text.

Sending archives:

I am sending my article as recommended in separate archives: (1) the text of the article, with the figure captions at its end, (2) the Tables, and (3) the Figures.

Publication fee:

I am aware and agree that if my article should be accepted, I will be charged with US$ 480.00 per edited article, when the final proof in PDF will be sent to the corresponding author.

     And if not there any doubt about the procedures, click:
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