Volume 39, Número 6

Papillary mass, composed by one layer of cubic mesothelial cells, supported by a low cellular fibrovascular stroma in lungs of a lion with mesothelioma. HE, bar = 200��m (Rocha et al., p. 417).
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Complete issue for download, 39(6):371-434  
Experimental reproduction of congenital anomalies in the progeny of cows fed apple pomace during pregnancy, 39(6):371-375  
Polioencephalomalacia (PEM) in calves associated with excess sulfur intake, 39(6):376-381  
Obstructive urolithiasis in growing-finishing pigs, 39(6):382-387  
Concentrations of acute-phase proteins and immunoglobulins in serum and synovial fluid in clinically healthy heifers and steers, 39(6):388-392  
Feline lymphoma in the nervous system: pathological, immunohistochemical, and etiological aspects in 16 cats, 39(6):393-401  
Investigation of Norovirus genogroups (GI, GII and GIV) in stool of pet dogs with diarrhea, 39(6):402-408  
Non-invasive ECG recording and QT interval correction assessment in anesthetized rats and mice, 39(6):409-415  
Fatal hemothorax caused by pleural mesothelioma in a lion, 39(6):416-418  
Musculoskeletal ultrasonography of the elbow joint in dogs: applicability and evaluation protocol, 39(6):419-428  
Seasonal influence on testicular morphophysiological parameters of bat Carollia perspicillata in fragments of the Atlantic Forest, northeastern Brazil, 39(6):429-433  
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