Volume 39, Número 4

Keratin pearls, surrounded by neoplastic keratinocytes and abundant inflammatory infiltrate in sheep’s skin. HE, obj.5x. (Costa et al., p. 254)
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Complete issue for download, 39(4):231-298  
Phytotoxins eliminated by milk: a review, 39(4):231-237  
Experimental reproduction of cyanogenic poisoning by star grass (Cynodon nlemfuensis Vanderyst var. nlemfuensis cv. “Florico”) in cattle, 39(4):238-243  
Neurological diseases in cattle caused by plants and mycotoxins in Santa Catarina state, Brazil, 39(4):244-250  
High frequency of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in Friesian Milchschaf sheep in Uruguay, 39(4):251-254  
Diagnosis of canine leptospirosis: evaluation of two PCR assays in comparison with the microagglutination test, 39(4):255-262  
A new experimental model of intrinsic denervation in ileum from wistar rats through intramural microinjections of benzalkonium chloride, 39(4):263-270  
Comparison between total intravenous anesthesia with propofol and intermittent bolus of tiletamine-zolazepam in capuchin monkey (Sapajus apella), 39(4):271-277  
Morphometry of the mandibular foramen applied to local anesthesia in hoary fox (Lycalopex vetulus), 39(4):278-285  
Maternal, fetal and neonatal heart rate and heart rate variability in Holstein cattle, 39(4):286-291  
Isolation, cultivation and immunofluorescence characterization of lamellar keratinocytes from equine hoof by using explants, 39(4):292-298  
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