Volume 39, Número 3

Ileum of pig with anti-Lawsonia intracellularis immunostaining, obj.20x. (Otoni et al., p.172)
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Complete issue for download, 39(3):163-229  
Neonatal mortality associated with sodium monofluoracetate in kids fed with colostrum from goats ingesting Amorimia septentrionalis, 39(3):163-167  
Tylosin injectable for the treatment of porcine proliferative enteropathy in experimentally inoculated pigs, 39(3):168-174  
Molecular detection of albinism gene in Brazilian buffalo herds (Bubalus bubalis), 39(3):175-178  
Bovine rabies: economic loss and its mitigation through antirabies vaccination, 39(3):179-185  
Protein-to-creatinine urinary in the early diagnosis of renal injury in canine pyometra, 39(3):186-191  
Causes of death and euthanasia in domestic cats in the Santa Catarina plateau (1995-2015), 39(3):192-200  
Detection of Enterobacteriaceae, antimicrobial susceptibility, and virulence genes of Escherichia coli in canaries (Serinus canaria) in northeastern Brazil, 39(3):201-208  
Detection of avian metapneumovirus subtype A from wild birds in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, 39(3):209-213  
Anesthetic quality and cardiovascular and respiratory effects of continuous intravenous infusion of tiletamine-zolazepam in bitches, 39(3):214-220  
Grayscale histogram analysis to study the echogenicity and echotexture of the walls of the common carotid arteries of horses and mules, 39(3):221-229  
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